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Best TV shows to watch when you’re home sick

Feeling home sick sucks. Nobody enjoys it and it can be hard to take our mind off of it, but if you’re looking for some heartwarming content that will make you laugh your socks off, look at our top TV shows:

1: The Good Place – We challenge you to watch this and not feel happy. It might focus on life after death, but it’s upbeat and cheeky, and it has 3 seasons to keep you going!

2: New Girl – It’s funny and entertaining, but it’s not too action-packed that you feel guilty for having a quick power nap while an episode plays.

3: Hairspray – Classic. Sing your heart out with this remake alongside Zac Efron, John Travolta, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

4: Parks and Recreation – Goofy AND heartfelt, we’re on to a winner. There are hours of content to take your mind off of things.

5: Schitt’s Creek – At least one laugh in every episode, guaranteed.

Written by the Nurtur Team