Events : Big Energy Saving Week

Events : Big Energy Saving Week


Big Energy Saving Week

  • Wellbeing
Mon Jan 17, 12:00am to Sun Jan 23, 12:00am

It’s the Big Energy Saving Week 2022!

Although the week mainly focuses on ensuring households are on the most efficient energy plan (which we already do for you), it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in saving energy.

Here are some of the best tips that are super-easy to help reduce your carbon footprint:

– Always use a reusable water bottle (and coffee cups). If you don’t have a bottle, come grab one from reception for free!
– Try and consumer local produce and seasons items, e.g. Strawberries in winter
– Always carry reusable shopping bags
– Try using public transport instead of a car, and walk wherever possible
– Aim to buy clothing from pre-loved sites such as Depop and Vinted and avoid fast-fashion