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How to Balance Study Life with Social Life

By this point of the academic year, you will be familiar with the many new things that university life brings. You’ve probably worked out a weekly budget… although you might still be working on sticking to it!

You might have met some new friends, and you’ll more than likely know your university timetable without having to double check it each morning.

But just because things feel more familiar now than they did in September, it doesn’t mean that finding a balance between studying, working, and socialising is any easier.

Check out our tips on what we think is the key to the perfect balance of your responsibilities while studying at university.

Time Management: Use a Diary to plan your time
Once you have set out a diary for the week ahead, it will be much easier to map our your time and what activities need your most attention. Not only will this help you to meet any deadlines, it will also help you to slot in some me time – which is just as important!

Study Space: Separate your Chill Space & Study Space
We recommend separating the space that you use to chill out, from the space you will use to study. For example, keep your desk space dedicated to your studies and try not to bring your studies into the bed area of your studio. Or you could make use of the social spaces onsite – that way your studio is your space to completely relax away from any stresses that university or working may bring.

Prioritise your Mental Health: Plan Me Time
When you’re using your diary to time manage, make sure you slot in lots of me time to prioritise your mental health. If your me time is socialising with friends, plan in that night out in town! And you might fancy a night in on your own in front of the telly with your favourite food – this is just as important, make sure it’s blocked out in your diary.

Plan Your Meals: Tuppaware & Food Prep
Planning your meals for the week and then batch cooking can be a great way to kickstart your week. Not only do you not have to worry about cooking from scratch each night, but you’ll save time, money, and avoid buying convenience meals that are probably not as nutritious as the yummy food you can make yourself.

Written by the Nurtur Team