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How to study while taking care of your mental health

Studying towards a qualification is often a positive experience that can provide enrichment and build confidence for the student, but sometimes it can cause stress and feelings of anxiety.

We want to ensure that Nurtur residents create good studying habits that take care of their mental health, so this blog looks at how you can study effectively while avoiding negatively impacting your mental health.

Create dedicated study space

Dedicating an area in your studio that is reserved for studying only can help you to separate your free time from your studying time. The studios at Nurtur include a large desk space which can help support putting this in place.

Create a study plan

Reduce the stress of looming deadlines and workload balance by creating a study plan for each term ahead. The best way to do this is by first making a list of your deadlines in chronological order, so you can prioritise the correct assignments at the right time. Set yourself targets for each week, whether that be to hit a word count or to read a few chapters of your reading list.

Don’t forget to use the notice board in your room to help with your planning!

Set targets, rewards, and boundaries

Find motivation by setting yourself targets and rewards when you meet them. It’s also important to have boundaries, making sure your social time doesn’t eat into your study time, as just as importantly, your study time doesn’t impose on your time to socialise and take a break.

We design our buildings with ample social spaces at Nurtur because we know how important it is to create that balance.

Access all the support available to you

Get familiar with the support available to you, including Student Support at your university.

– UCLan:
– University of Sheffield:

Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity, has lots of support available on their website, from training to blogs and forums:

Don’t forget there is lots of information on your portal, including key telephone numbers and email addresses for departments at the university.

Written by The Nurtur Team