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Making the Most Of Your Nurtur Student Portal

Making the Most Of Your Nurtur Student Portal

In the interest of making student life easy, the Nurtur Student Portal keeps everything in one place for our residents.

From keeping an eye on your upcoming rent payments to knowing what exciting events are coming up, this post will help you to make sure you’re making the most of your portal.

When you log in to your student portal, you’ll see this page:

You’ll notice at the top there are six menu icons – but what do they all mean?


Here, you’ll find your personal information relating to your tenancy, including your contact information.

It’s important you keep this section updated so we can get in touch with any important information and updates. If you need to update anything it’s super easy; simply edit the section and click ‘save details’ at the bottom.

The only thing you can’t update is your username which will be the email address your originally signed up with, so if you need to update this then send us a quick email and we’ll update it for you:


The tenancies section has a sub-menu. When you click tenancies, you can load the tenancy agreement for your current booking, any previous bookings, and any future bookings.

You can also access the ‘Account’ page in the tenancies section, which will display all payments made during your tenancy and any that are upcoming, as well as details on how to make payments.

And in the documents page, you’ll find all the important documents associated with your tenancy, including the student handbook, and guides on using things in your studio like the heating.


Each week we run three events in your building for you to enjoy getting to know your Nurtur neighbours. Click into the events section to see all the upcoming exciting events over the next few weeks.


When a delivery arrives for you, we log it on your student portal which automatically triggers an email notification containing a unique code that only you receive. You can collect your parcel in reception using this code, and you can use the deliveries section on the portal to see any parcels you have that are still awaiting collection in reception.


It’s super easy to log a maintenance request using the Nurtur student portal. Click into the maintenance section and on the left side you will see our emergency contact information, and the ‘report an issue’ button. Use this button to report any issues encountered in your room or around the building.

In this section, you can also monitor the progress of any maintenance requests you have logged – once the Maintenance Team has attended to the maintenance request, it will be updated here for you to see.


As one of our five values, the wellbeing of our Nurtur residents is paramount. In the wellbeing section, you will find important contact information including local health services and helplines.

You can also find many resources to support your wellbeing including fitness routines, and advice on topics like dealing with grief.

And importantly, here you will find information on how you can self-refer to our Nurtur THRIVE service, which offers Nurtur residents access to a free course of therapy with our in-house counsellor.

If you have any questions about using your Nurtur Student Portal, don’t hesitate to chat with your site team – we’ll be more than happy to help.

Written by the Nurtur Team