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Nurturing Our Environment

The Nurtur Team is passionate about doing our bit to help the environment, and you may find the information below useful to ensure you are recycling responsibly.

According to the Recycling Bins website, correctly recycling everything from your kitchen waste could power a TV for six months, and recycling a single plastic bottle could save enough energy to power a lightbulb for three hours or more. With statistics like these, we really need to ensure we’re doing our bit for the planet.

Tip one

Recycle ALL your plastic bottles. Keep them separate from your general waste; if they’re washed out properly, they can be stored without creating any odour until you take a trip to the bin store.

Tip two

Keep your recycling bag next to your waste bin so it prompts you to properly recycle – plus, then you’ll remember to take them both out at the same time saving extra trips.

Tip three

Flatten all your cardboard boxes – trust us, it saves lots of room.

Tip four

If you must buy a carrier bag for your shopping, reuse it again for your next shop, or recycle it at many available supermarkets.

If you’re unsure about correctly recycling, we’ve recently installed some hand guides in the bin stores, and you can find more information in your student handbook accessed from your portal.

Written by the Nurtur Team