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Recipe of the Month – Reindeer Biscuits

Make some Reindeer Biscuits with us for December’s Recipe of the Month!

Join in the riddle in reception this week and you could win the entire ingredients to make this recipe!


– 20 Mini Star-shaped Pretzels
– 10 red M&M’s
– 20 Candy Eyes
– 10 Penguin Biscuits
– 50g Melted Dark Chocolate (cooled)


Step 1: This couldn’t be easier!
Step 2: Using the Penguin Biscuits as your base, stick your pretzels as ears, M&M’s for a nose, and your candy eyes using your melted chocolate.
Step 3: Voila, you have your Reindeer biscuits! More than enough to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Festive fun! Don’t forget to share your Reindeer Biscuits with us on Instagram.

Written by the Nurtur Team