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The awesome benefits of choosing a studio

Want to have the pleasure of living in your own space, whilst still enjoying the social aspects of university life? All of that is possible at Nurtur House, because we designed our building with healthy lifestyles and social interaction in mind.

But what are the other glaringly obvious advantages to choosing a studio?

You can be as clean or messy as you want

Feel safe in the knowledge that your space is as clean as you make it. If you follow our cleaning guide each week, you’ll know just how clean your space is.

But sometimes we don’t always feel like putting stuff back where it belongs right away, but you don’t have to bother about that when you live alone because no one will be there to nag you about putting it away.

Your safe haven

You can feel assured that your studio is your own safe haven. A place to escape from your daily stresses, to unwind and recharge your batteries, to emerge when the time is right to catch up with friends or attend your lectures.

Private kitchen

Who wants to walk into mess on a Monday morning before you’ve even had a chance for your first cuppa? Even worse when the mess isn’t even yours, and you’ve already used the cleaning products more than your fair share of times.

Peaceful studying

Nurtur House has lots of space to get your head in the game in our study areas, but sometimes you just need to be on your own in your studio to get that essay done and dusted.

Your supplies are yours

If you’ve stayed in a cluster flat before, you may have been the victim of a food thief. A little bit of milk gone here, a smidgen of butter gone there. This is a problem of the past in your new studio, with your very own kitchen cupboards and fridge to store your food.

No disturbed sleep

Rest assured that you will get a peaceful sleep every single night, without any housemates to wake you up with their late-night noisy antics.

Safely socialising

Who said you can’t have a laugh and joke with your friends whilst maintaining a safe distance? You can still interact with your friends at Nurtur House in our many communal spaces, with handy floor markings to help you to relax with your friends, alongside hand gel stations, PPE, and readily-available anti-bacterial cleaning products.

If you want to find out more about the different studios we have at Nurtur House that are priced to suit every budget, check out our room types here or get in touch with us at:

Written by the Nurtur team