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Thrive with Barclay’s Life Skills Hub

You might have heard of Barclay’s online Life Skills hub, and we’re here to tell you why it’s worth carving some time out to give it a visit.

Whether you’re in your first few years at university or nearing the end, at some point in the future you will be thinking about your career prospects and how you can achieve the goals that university life has set you up for.

University Students and The Life Skills Hub

Life Skills has lots of useful tools, and we’ve picked out some of the best information that we think is worth reading:

Life Skills: CVs and Job Applications Overview

Use the smart CV Builder tool if you’re starting yours from scratch, but if you already have one you may still find this useful. Taking time to nail your CV is super important, especially since employers could see hundreds each day. Make yours stand out!

Take your preparation one step further with the skills tool; you’ll learn the art of excellent communication in the workplace and how to problem solve confidently.

And when you’re ready to start job hunting, brush us on your interview skills with the interview practise tool.

Life Skills: New skills

If there’s a particular skill that you’d like to learn more about, you’ll more than likely find it here. You’ll no doubt have most of these skills already, but spending some time developing them further can help as transferrable skills in the world of work.

We spotted information on Big Data, being proactive, adaptability, creative thinking, leadership, and much more.

Life skills: Managing your Money

You’ve had a taste of managing money, and Nurtur residents are lucky they don’t have to worry about managing lots of different bills as all household bills are included in your rent. This can make it simple to know your incomings and outgoings, but what about the other things we want (and need)!

There might be something coming up that you need to plan for, or something you want to achieve that needs funding such as driving lessons.

Use the hub to create a plan for your finances, for both now and the future.

Written by the Nurtur Team