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Tips for Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

Each year, many of us vow to commit to a new year’s resolution. While we always have good intentions, did you know that xx% of people who make a resolution have already broken it by xx?

We’re here to tell you how you can avoid joining the quitter’s club and make your New Year’s Resolution stick.

Small goals

You might have one huge goal that you want to stick to – but the trick to making changes is to set small goals. Attack your wider goal by breaking it down into manageable steps. For example, if you would like to vow to get fitter, don’t go signing up for an annual gym membership that commits you to five classes a week. Set yourself a smaller goal – perhaps to complete 10,000 each day? And then work up towards your fitness journey.

Make it measurable

Being able to measure your goal and see your progress is an excellent motivator to stop you from giving up! For example, you may have decided to cut back on alcohol. Try and make a diary of how much alcohol you normally would consume on a weekly basis, including how much it costs to purchase the alcohol.

Once you know how much you’re currently spending on drinking each week, by cutting back or cutting it out altogether, you can work out how much money you’re saving that could be spent on other, more enjoyable activities.

Make a plan

So, you’ve set yourself a small goal to start with – now you need to make a plan of how you will achieve the bigger overall goal that inspired you in the first place. Perhaps your plan might break 2023 down into months, with a new goal to achieve each month that contributes to the overall goal by the end of the year.

Remain positive

Just by reading this blog, you already have the motivation you need to get started on your new year’s resolution. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find things challenging along the way. It’s possible you may even have a few stumbles along the way, but don’t let that deter you. Each day is a new day, and a step closer to that big goal that got your started in the first place!

Written by the Nurtur Team